Shannon Mann

Oysters to Pearls is a lifestyle blog dedicated to being a source of inspiration for everyone who loves fashion, food (who doesn't; right?) travel and home goods. I started OTP as a fashion diary when friends started asking, “Where did you get that,” or inquiring about sharing my recipes and ideas for healthy dishes. I am a wife and mother with a passion for all things fashion and have always stressed the importance of a healthy lifestyle. In my fourth decade of life, I feel I can impart a little pearl of wisdom in these areas. I believe we should feel as good on the inside as we look on the outside, and that is how OTP was born.

With Italian and southern roots, I formed an appreciation for the ability of food to create a special bond and bring diverse people together for beautiful memories and laughter. Certain smells still invoke wonderful memories of my childhood, sitting around my grandmother's table having coffee and biscotti and socializing with whoever might stop by. Cooking (and fashion of course) is my love language.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.

Be well, -Shannon